The Global IoT SIM for Multi-National Deployments

Global IoT deployments can be complex, with real difficulties around coverage, technology, product SKU management, security and logistics.

A single global IoT SIM with zero-touch provisioning capabilities addresses these challenges and enables IoT devices to be deployed anywhere in the world.

Global IoT SIM Connectivity

Our Roam-E Global M2M/IoT SIMs are available with

Dedicated Private APN

Take control and enhance security with a dedicated private APN.
Traffic bypasses the public 4G/5G internet, meaning you are fully in control of the mobile data traffic, facilitating bespoke routing, content filtering, and ISP backup within your own custom build private APN.

Connect directly to your devices without the need for a public static IP SIM.
Connect to your private APN using a secure encrypted IPSec tunnel, giving you the ability to communicate with your SIMs using their private IP addresses.

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Our Roam-E Global M2M/IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Dedicated Private APN

Public Fixed IP Address

RoamFree public Fixed IP tariffs deliver a true Fixed IP address ensuring no static private IP and NAT is required.
Fixed IP addresses enable inbound internet connections for applications such as remote management of M2M control systems and devices, CCTV surveillance and monitoring, remote support and maintenance, office locations with little or no fixed line broadband capability and many others.

Our Roam-E Global M2M/IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Public Fixed IP Address

Always on Security

Our RoamFree SIMs benefit from ‘always on’ Cloudflare DDOS protection built into our network’s architecture.
Cloudflare DDoS protection secures websites, applications, and entire networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised. Cloudflare’s 121 Tbps network blocks an average of 86 billion threats per day, including some of the largest DDoS attacks in history.

Our Roam-E Global M2M/IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Always on Security

Features of Roam-E

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Multiple mobile network operators MNO with all 4 UK networks included and access to over 450 networks in over 190 countries worldwide.

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Configure Over The Air

Mobile profiles and profile selection rules can be loaded and updated over the air. This enables a level of flexibility that simply cannot be matched by standard mobile operator SIMs.

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The GSMA eSIM standards are built on robust foundations that prevent any manipulation of the mobile profiles being modified by unauthorised parties.

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Roamit eSIMs are M2M industrial grade and suitable to be used in extreme environments (e.g. temperature, vibration and humidity)

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Site surveys to determine which networks are available are expensive and time-consuming; one SIM connects to multiple networks in most countries.

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Future-proof & cost-saving

No need to go to the trouble and expense of a truck roll to swap out an estate of eSIMs at the end of a contract if the original deal is no longer the best fit.

Pay for only the data you use with Roam-E PPZ (Pay Per Zone)

Traditional data pools though easy to manage are uneconomical for larger deployments.

They require you to make an educated guess of the amount of data that will be consumed by an unknown volume of SIM cards over a period of time. When you make your best guess you sign a contract for 12, 24 or even 36 months. Each month one of two things will happen:

  • We see actual utilisation at 50/75% of what is being paid for, which means that you overpay for additional data that you will never consume because you utilise less data than you committed to.
  • You are penalised for not accurately calculating data usage or allowing a SIM to use more data than it should during a given month because you use more data than you agreed to, therefore you pay a premium for “out of pool” data.

With Roam-E Pay Per Zone, pricing is divided into five zones from EU countries to worldwide. Data is charged at different rates based on the zone in which it is consumed and charged per MB consumed making them effectively PAYG.

Until now, the roaming tariff set has had to be that of the most expensive country in which the SIM needs to operate. Roamit has solved the problem of variable global roaming rates by introducing Roam-E Pay Per Zone. Data consumption on Roam-E Pay Per Zone eSIM tariffs is charged at the rate applicable to the country it is used in.


One SIM, Multiple Networks, Global Coverage

Our Roam-E M2M/IoT SIMs offer unsteered access to over 450 networks in over 190 countries worldwide.

Wherever the eSIM is in the world (local regulations permitting), it is always roaming. eSIM facilitates a device to connect to the strongest available network. Multiple steering options are also possible e.g. prioritising the lowest cost network in specific countries or preferring one specific network over another.

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Controlled from your dashboard

Mobile Manager is our M2M/IoT SIM management portal, which communicates in real-time with multiple mobile network operators. Mobile Manager handles M2M SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts, and bolt-ons and can be used to manage large estates of M2M SIMs in multiple devices worldwide.