Cutting-edge IoT Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Roamit offers a range of IoT solutions including; multi network IoT SIMs, 4G & 5G routers, private APN, fixed IP, broadband backup, management dashboard and more.

In a world where connectivity is at the heart of every operation and communication, with a focus on mobile-based solutions, Roamit is your go-to partner for all things IoT and a whole lot more.

Applications our IoT Solutions could be used with

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RoamFree (Regional Deploy)

Ensure the best available connection by using our RoamFree IoT SIM card with access to all 4 UK networks, 57 European networks, and 1 USA network.*

We offer a range of local deployment solutions for applications with low data, wide coverage requirements to higher data applications where performance and cost are key.

*Additional regions available on request

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Roam-E (Global Deploy)

Multi-national deployments can be complex, with real difficulties around coverage, technology, product SKU management, security and logistics. A single global SIM with zero-touch provisioning capabilities addresses these challenges and enables IoT devices to be deployed anywhere in the world.

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RoamNet (IoT Network)

RoamNet has been built specifically to address the changing needs of global IoT. It is the network behind digital transformations across the globe, helping to accelerate the pace of positive economic, environmental and social change.

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Mobile Broadband

Also known as mobile internet or MiFi. Mobile Broadband is the Wi-Fi connection you can take with you. We offer tariffs ranging from 2GB to Unlimited* Data from a variety of networks including Three, EE, o2 and Vodafone.

All our MBB SIM’s can be paired with either your own cellular router or any router purchased from ourselves.

*fair use policy applies to unlimited data tariffs

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Why Choose Roamit

Roamit has partnered with Jola, an award-winning specialist in mobile data SIMs and global MVNO, giving us access to connectivity via 750+ networks worldwide.

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Global Coverage

With access to 750+ mobile networks worldwide you can be confident we can keep your IoT application running no matter where it is deployed.

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Fixed Public IP

Fixed IP SIM cards with a public IP address are the most convenient way to ensure reliable connectivity because you always know what the IP address of your 4G router is.

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Fixed Private IP

Access to the SIMs is via an IPsec VPN tunnel allowing remote site to initiate the connection. Using Corporate Firewall and Internet Gateway as the most secure solution.

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Secure Private APN

Private APN for your M2M SIM cards enables SIM to SIM connectivity with specific traffic management rules.

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IoT Platform

Our online management portal gives you the ability to manage your entire SIM estate in one location, simplifying your deployments.

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Connectivity Choices

Multiple M2M/IoT technology options available including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT

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Direct SMPP Link

SMS enabled SIM cards allow you to manage and configure your remote applications even when there is no data connection

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Multi-layered security for secure two-way cellular connectivity combined with carrier grade reliability.

Expand your IoT Knowledge with our Whitepapers

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How 2G/3G/4G/5G effect your IoT SIM performance

GSM network generations have continuously risen over time, with 5G being the most current and powerful generation to date, and speeds of over 100Mbps are now commonplace, which would have been unheard of not so long ago.

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This document compares the differences between specialist M2M/IoT SIMs & Tariffs and the consumer-grade Mobile Broadband versions (often known as MBB). It demonstrates why both services do not cost the same.

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OFCOM reports highlight benefit of multi-network SIM cards

OFCOM publish a series of Connected Nations Reports containing crucial statistics and figures we can use to measure the effectiveness of a multi-network SIM card for your IoT application.

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How LTE modem categories impact IoT SIM performance

LTE Modem categories are a crucial component of your multi-network IoT SIM card enabled equipment. LTE Modem selection has a significant impact on speeds and performance.

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Dual SIM vs Dual Modem

Dual SIM LTE devices enable you to save money on data expenses while preserving the resilience and coverage given by a multi-network SIM card. Be aware of the differences between a dual SIM and dual modem LTE device.

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How Will 5G Impact IoT?

IoT is expected to take off even more as connectivity develops, aided in large part by 5G technology. But how much do they require each other, how do 5G and IoT connect to corporate development, and what prospects will they provide for businesses?