OFCOM reports highlight benefit of multi-network SIM cards

OFCOM publish a series of Connected Nations Reports containing crucial statistics and figures we can use to measure the effectiveness of a multi-network SIM card for your IoT application.

Analysing the OFCOM connected nations report 2022 reveals that utilising a multi-network SIM card rather than a single network SIM card improves landmass coverage significantly. The whole report may be accessed here: Connected Nations 2022: UK report.

Page 34 includes coverage statistics for all mobile networks as well as partial coverage from at least one network. This is important because a multi-network SIM card will receive signal where there is partial coverage, whereas a single network SIM card may only receive signal where there is full coverage.

  • Full Coverage – 70%
  • Full and Partial Coverage – 22%
  • *No Coverage – 8%

Using these numbers as a baseline, we can conclude that a multi-network SIM card provides coverage across an additional 31.4% of the UK mainland compared to a standard SIM card. Next, we may go further into the OFCOM connected nations update fall 2022 figures, which reveal the geographic areas not served by any operator (not spots).

  • England – 2%
  • Northern Ireland – 3%
  • Scotland – 17%
  • Wales – 10%

From these figures, we can calculate the geographic coverage provided by a multi-network SIM as follows:

  • England – 98%
  • Northern Ireland – 97%
  • Scotland – 83%
  • Wales – 90%

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