The Built for Purpose IoT Network with Enhanced Controls

RoamNet is an IoT network that has been built specifically to address the changing needs of global IoT. It is the network behind digital transformations across the globe, helping to accelerate the pace of positive economic, environmental and social change.

IoT network

Designed and built for the Internet of Things

RoamNet is a carrier-grade mobile network which provides secure, resilient and flexible connectivity anywhere in the world.

Global Deployments with a single SIM

We provide a single SIM for global deployments and a range of local connectivity solutions for the key global markets.

Protecting your Data and Reputation

Private network infrastructure and features like IMEI locking, white or blacklisting, VPNs and Private APNs protect your devices and data.

Single Point of Integration & Control

Our carrier-grade private infrastructure provides cost effective and secure access to all our radio network partners through a single interconnect.

Network of Networks

RoamNet is a full-service and independent connectivity platform solution with interconnects to an eco-system of 50+ radio network partners.

GSMA Compliant

With the Conexa network, we are a GSMA compliant, licensed IoT operator and can build our own SIM profiles or in partnership with MNOs.

Multi-Service Capability

RoamNet supports Data, Voice, SMS on the legacy and current cellular bearers; 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE Cat-1 to Cat-6), LPWAN (NB-IoT, LTE-M) and 5G.

RoamNet features and network capabilities

Solution Design

Our Solutions team will help you make the right technical and commercial choices for successful deployment of your products and services.

Always on Connectivity

RoamNet was built for IoT. A dual redundant core network with automatic failover ensures high availability needs can be met.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

RoamNet includes a remote provisioning platform (RSP) and advanced rules engines to automate management and control of SIMs.

Advanced SIM Technology

SIM applets, multi-IMSI and eSIM technology enhance security, resilience and flexibility which enables you to enter new markets quickly.

Cloud Secure and Scalable

Advanced on-SIM security automates device authentication and secure cloud registration enabling dynamic and scalable deployments.

Optimise and Economise

Adapt connectivity according to your deployment plans, lifecycle requirements or to mitigate any radio network performance or commercial issues.

Why use RoamNet

IoT Expertise
Support all the way from design to deployment

Built for IoT

The RoamNet mobile network has been built specifically to address the evolving needs of global IoT.

Single SIM for Global Deployments

Deploy with confidence using a single global SIM which can be optimised over-the-air using rules engine based automation features of RoamNet.

Secure by Design

RoamNet’s advanced on-SIM applications and network services enhance system security and enable dynamic scalability.