EE Unlimited Fixed IP SIMs Available Now

We are excited to announce we are now offering EE Unlimited Fixed IP SIMs.

We have been providing Fixed IP SIMs for a number of years.  They are commonly used for CCTV cameras, alarm systems, sensors, point-of-sale systems, mobile broadband, and fixed-line broadband backup that require stable fixed IP addresses. Many of these apps often require a large amount of data, which has increased the cost of solutions for end users in areas where EE is the favoured network.

Roamit has addressed this issue by adding Fixed IP EE SIMs with limitless data into its portfolio of products. These SIM’s like many of our products can be ordered and managed through our real-time management portal, Mobile Manager.

Our system is uncommon in that the fixed IP address applies to the SIM card rather than the router. This means any device with a SIM slot can now be assigned a fixed public IP address. We provide unlimited data, so our customers do not have to worry about overage costs.

Our Fixed IP SIMs also use the Cloudflare worldwide IP Network, offering partners piece of mind with comprehensive DDoS protection.


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Written by: Roamit

Published on: 22 April 2024

Categories: Products and Services