Launch of our Three UK Unlimited Mobile Broadband and Voice & Data 5G SIMs

We are pleased to announce our new Three UK Unlimited Mobile Broadband and Voice & Data 5G SIMs are now available.

Tell me about these tariffs?

  • 5G enabled tariffs, including 4G/3G
  • Mobile Broadband Option
  • Business Mobile Option – Unlimited Standard UK voice and SMS. UK Mobile number
  • 30-day, 12 month and 24-month options
  • 1TB FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
  • Compatible with Roamit’s CPE Fixed IP overlay at and additional £30.00pcm + Router option
  • Compatible with Roamit’s full range of Routers
  • Number Porting Capabilities
  • Manage operations and consumption through our management dashboard Mobile Manager®

What about Network coverage in the UK?

Having the largest 5G Spectrum in the UK, Three is a safe bet connectivity solution, not just for now but for long term. Three dedicated 140MHz of spectrum to delivering its 5G service. That’s 50MHz more than any other UK network operator. Below is a link to Ofcoms Mobile coverage checker for you to check your locations and view the rest of the UK. Together with main coverage highlights based on populous.

Three 5G coverage 588 locations – latest
Three 4G coverage is at 99.8%
Three 3G coverage is at 98.7%

Ofcom Coverage Checker
Three Coverage Checker

Written by: Roamit

Published on: 4 December 2023

Categories: Products and Services