Roamit has launched 4G/5G PSTN Replacement Rental Packages

In the United Kingdom, millions of individual PSTN lines are approaching the end of their useful lives. Upgrading to broadband is an expensive overkill option that can incur considerable upfront fees.

Our solution for this is to offer a zero-CapEx mobile data rental packages for single PSTN lines that serve phone calls, alarms, EPOS machines, door entry systems, CCTV, faxes, lift lines, and calling kiosks, among other applications.

We offer a wide range of DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) bundles that include the router, SIM card, SIP trunk, porting, ATA, and airtime. There are no upfront fees, and equipment can be upgraded at any time.

Our PSTN replacement service allows you to replace common PSTN solutions at an affordable price. End customers can keep their existing phone numbers and select their chosen SIP Overlay solution, which includes features such as voicemail and call recording. Our replacement solution also provides the advantage of allowing you to manage operations and consumption through our management dashboard Mobile Manager®.PSTN switch off timeline

Written by: Roamit

Published on: 18 November 2023

Categories: Products and Services