ClockRite Attendance Clocking Systems

ClockRite provides Attendance Clocking Systems, from entry-level Time and Attendance systems to sophisticated Job Clocking systems.

The ClockRite Software is almost always located at a Head Office for use by the management team of a business and if the Clock is located at a remote location then a connection between the two needs to be established for uploading/downloading employee/attendance data.

ClockRite Attendance System

The Problem

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Requires Fixed IP Address

Due to the nature of how the ClockRite software communicates with the attendance clocking machines, an internet connection with a fixed IP address is required at the remote clocks location. Often clients don’t have an internet connection at all or don’t have a Fixed IP address.

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Moving Locations

Clients can deploy their attendance solution at any location meaning that network coverage when using a single network is sometimes poor due to networks not having complete coverage. The deployed location can also only a temporary site meaning a long contract that Broadband is often tied to is not ideal.

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Mission Critical

The ClockRite System is used to collect Payroll Data. If the connection goes down then it’s not possible to calculate employees pay. For this reason a reliable connection method needs to be in place.

ClockRite Attendance Clocking Systems

The Solution

Our RoamFree MultiNet SIMs has all the features you need to solve the above problems. These SIMs can be supplied with a public fixed IP address allowing the ClockRite software to effortlessly connect to the remote clock.

RoamFree SIM’s are also Multi Network and can connect to all 4 UK networks. This allows the SIM to connect to the best network in the area of deployment giving much better coverage in comparison to a single network. Connecting to multiple network’s also acts as a backup, if one of the networks was to go down then the SIM would automatically connect to a new network ensuring the solution stays online.

Because this is a SIM you can also take your connection with you meaning there is no need to cancel and resign up every time you move site. Roamit SIMs can also be taken on a 30 day rolling contract meaning you aren’t tied in and can cancel at any point.

Why Roamit

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Fixed Public IP

Fixed IP SIM card with public IP address is the most convenient way to ensure reliable connectivity

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Secure APN

Private APN for your M2M SIM cards enables SIM to SIM connectivity with specific traffic management rules

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IoT Platform

Comprehensive tools and resources allow access to manage your entire SIM estate in one location

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