The Multi Network IoT SIM for Mission Critical Applications

Ensure the best available connection by using RoamFree our Multi Network IoT SIM card with access to all 4 UK networks.

We offer a range of local deployment solutions for applications with low data, wide coverage requirements to higher data applications where performance and cost are key.

National Multi network M2M/IoT Connectivity

Why use a Multi Network IoT SIM?

The phrase “Internet of Things,” or IoT, refers to the process of connecting items to the internet, such as security cameras, alarm systems, smart gadgets, household appliances, smart metres, and so on. In many circumstances, these devices are connected via a data SIM card.

Multi Network IoT SIM cards offer greater signal coverage and bandwidth than single network SIM cards since they can connect to numerous mobile networks instead of just one. In the UK there are four mobile networks Vodafone, O2, EE, & Three. Our RoamFree SIMs are able to connect to any of these.

There are numerous sites in the UK where only one of the four networks has a signal or enough capacity to transmit data, therefore a multi-network SIM card is ideal for rural installations or where fixed broadband is unavailable.

On many situations, a multi network SIM card will make the difference between your solution connecting to the internet and not because it will get signal in areas where a single network SIM does not.

OFCOM statistics show that utilising a multi-network SIM card improves landmass coverage.

Our RoamFree Multi Network IoT SIMs are available with

Dedicated Private APN

Take control and enhance security with a dedicated private APN.
Traffic bypasses the public 4G/5G internet, meaning you are fully in control of the mobile data traffic, facilitating bespoke routing, content filtering, and ISP backup within your own custom build private APN.

Connect directly to your devices without the need for a public static IP SIM.
Connect to your private APN using a secure encrypted IPSec tunnel, giving you the ability to communicate with your SIMs using their private IP addresses.

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Our RoamFree Multi Network IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Dedicated Private APN

Public Fixed IP Address

RoamFree public Fixed IP tariffs deliver a true Fixed IP address ensuring no static private IP and NAT is required.
Fixed IP addresses enable inbound internet connections for applications such as remote management of M2M control systems and devices, CCTV surveillance and monitoring, remote support and maintenance, office locations with little or no fixed line broadband capability and many others.

Our RoamFree Multi Network IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Public Fixed IP Address

Always on Security

Our RoamFree SIMs benefit from ‘always on’ Cloudflare DDOS protection built into our network’s architecture.
Cloudflare DDoS protection secures websites, applications, and entire networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised. Cloudflare’s 121 Tbps network blocks an average of 86 billion threats per day, including some of the largest DDoS attacks in history.

Our RoamFree Multi Network IoT SIMs are available with Service Icon Always on Security

Features of our RoamFree SIM card

alt= Resilient White Icon


SIM cards that can withstand extreme environmental conditions and are suitable for applications in a variety of industrial and agricultural settings

alt= Real-time White Icon


M2M/IoT SIMs provide real-time usage information and are activated, ceased, barred and unbarred in real-time

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Tariffs range from 1MB up to 5TB with multiple bolt-ons and data pools helping to prevent overages and bill shock

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M2M/IoT SIMs are designed to be always on and provide consistent performance

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SIMs enabled to NB-IoT and LTE-M Radio Access Technologies

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No ‘home’ network

This means that by default our SIM will connect to the strongest available network and the device is then able to switch to a stronger signal should one become available.


One SIM Card, Multiple Networks

Our RoamFree M2M/IoT SIMs offer unsteered access to all 4 UK networks, 57 European networks, and 1 USA network.

Most SIM cards force your device to stay connected to their primary network or their preferred partner, even if the signal is poor. This is called steered roaming. RoamFree multi-network SIMs are unsteered and have no preferred network, meaning they always prioritise connectivity, which is essential for keeping critical applications online, regardless of location.

Our unsteered roaming SIMs also provide network redundancy by automatically connecting to the strongest available signal. This redundancy ensures that applications can stay connected even when some local networks are overloaded or damaged due to natural disasters or large-scale incidents.

RoamFree Multi Network IoT SIM Plan Tiers

Choose the plan that's right for you.

We offer 3 versions of our RoamFree SIM putting you in control of the cost and networks available to you.

  • ‘UK3Net’ tariffs give un-steered access to 3x UK networks. Three, O2 and Vodafone
  • ‘UK4Net’ tariffs give un-steered access to 4x UK networks. Three, EE, Vodafone and O2
  • ‘UK/EU/US’ tariffs give access to 3x UK networks, 57x European Networks and 1x US network.
Mask Group 10

Controlled from your dashboard

Mobile Manager is our M2M/IoT SIM management portal, which communicates in real-time with multiple mobile network operators. Mobile Manager handles M2M SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts, and bolt-ons and can be used to manage large estates of M2M SIMs in multiple devices worldwide.